@sara_swaty guest posting for #ritphoto: On the road to #hanalei with a few of my favorite things: #fujix100s and #mamiya7 #photolife #kauai  (at Hanalei Valley Overlook)
@sara_swaty Guest posting for #ritphoto:
Thank goodness for my #incipio water iphone case !! #waterfall #handadventures in #kapaa ! @handadventures #kauai #hawaii #brbchasinglight
@sara_swaty guest posting: #michaelfranti played a beautiful show last night at #manafest #churchofthepacific #kauai #hawaii  (at Church of the Pacific)
First day in #Kapaa - barefoot #hike to 2 #waterfalls, eating random flowers and Jamaican lilikoi (passionfruit) off of trees, uprooting ginger plants to make tea, and wading through rivers…I’m in love. #hawaii #brbchasinglife #brbchasinglight #kauai (at Kapaa, Hawaii)
Today your body was buried, but I could feel your energy in the ocean- it was the most intense I’ve ever seen it. Thinking of you Dave, wish I could have been there today. Sending my love above.                       #venicebeach #sunset
I can still hear your voice saying “here’s the deal…” —your classic phrase that precedes a ridiculous story about your day and somehow ends with theories revolving around biology, chemistry and metaphysics.  

The world fell out from under me when I heard about your passing- my eyes became clouded with memories, too many to count - dancing at Botan, walking through Tower Grove Park, late night fast food runs, shuffleboard, red wine, south city drives, New Years eves, July 4ths, birthdays…all I could hear was the rise and fall of your laugh echoing in my head. You were so easy to talk to and be around; ridiculously intelligent and unpretentious, full of good intentions and kindness.  
Thank you for always being there for me, for anyone who needed you.  You are a bright beautiful spirit, and while your body is gone, I will always keep a part of you with me.  Rest in peace Dave—we love you so much and will never forget you.
Yesterday the world lost an amazing teacher; BKS Iyengar, the creator of #Iyengar #yoga. He began teaching yoga at age 18 in the 1930s, a time when yoga was a joke and not respected like it is today. My father studied under him in #India and has shared Iyengar’s teachings in his own yoga studio since the 80s.          We mourn his passing but will never forget the lives he changed and the people he helped. I am so grateful to have met Iyengar and been blessed by his hands. Thank you for all you have done guruji. #restinpeace
Please pray for Michael brown’s family, my city, and justice. On 8/11- exactly 49 years after the Watts riot-  Brown (unarmed and with hands raised) was fatally shot by a police officer for no reason. After being shot, his body was left bleeding on the street for hours and found by his GRANDMOTHER.  When attempting a peaceful vigil, SWAT teams and K-9 units surrounded the mourners.  The officer who wrongfully took a life is on PAID leave. Rioting and looting ensued, and yesterday Ferguson was a cloud of tear gas.  There are peaceful protests being held all over the city and many individuals have stood together and united, but the media is not showing that. St Louis is a wonderful city full of potential and we can rebuild it to be a peaceful and safe haven for EVERYONE. This incident truly shows the sad state of America. Let this be the last time something like this happens and pray that there will be big change in Brown’s memory.

"A riot is the language of the unheard." -MLK
#mikebrown #justiceformikebrown #ripmikebrown #ferguston #stlouis #onelove
It’s been an amazing #birthdayweek full of friends, dancing, music, and joy..thanks for the love!! #handadventures #sunflower #brbchasinglight
#tbt to #theredparty with some beautiful #firespinning #flowtoys #firespinner #redparty #fireflow #fireperformance #burnerparty